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Standards & Quality

Quality comes with experience. What makes us special is that we know about the challenges and pitfalls involved in developing the business in India and abroad

Partners & Networks

Extensive knowledge base of all our partners helps to grow the company as well as our customer network globally. With the joining hands we have achieved our clients faith.

Ontime Delivery

We always fulfill our promise to clients regarding delivery & calculate an accurate Ontime Delivery Period in taking consideration of all the required factors.


We at Digiventure adopt and follow high standard of policies to maintain its gain and maintain our goodwill among all clients and stakeholders in national and international market.

What We Do


We provide the complete business solution for Import Export and works for both buying and selling of the products from or to the Globe as the case may be. We not only provide complete service solution as a buying agent and selling agent but also help overseas brands to expand their business in India, and works as their Country Representative in India.

International Trading

There are various the ins and outs of International Trade, volatility of International Market, Power of multinational networking, financial leverage, Importance of information flow and impact of Government policies and influence of Internal and external factors on trade of a particular product. Today Floret is involved in both Import and Export.

Trainning Programmes

Starting and growing Export import business is 100% practical and dynamical combination of subjects. For any Business organization trade with Overseas plays an important role, and gives the new dimension to business. We impart all Corporate Trainning & Advisory Services mandatory for doing International Trade and to overcome the every obstacle.

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About us

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading international trade and service providers of India. We specialize in Import-Export of Pharma/Hospital Equipment, POS Machines, Food Articles, General FMCG, Information Technology. Apart from that We offer Corporate and Government Trainning and Advisory Services. We innovate the way brands are crafted and carve your business ideas to life. We offer businesses with the entirely new approach to build their brand in today’s complex age. An approach that helps our clients to grow their business overseas through our best services.

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Business Philosophy
The company will be in the business of import-export products and will provide consultancy and other services. In order to succeed and meet company goals, the company will rely heavily on both Social media and print media campaigns, along with maintaining public relations and personal contacts with domestic and international import-export traders
Mission & Vision
To attain global heights rendering best of the services in domestic and international market. To be recognized as company that put quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.
Management & Policy
Digiventure's Management & Policy shall be enacted and implemented to maintain and strengthen global competitiveness in addition to enabling the guarantee of the integrity of the export and import supply chain. The legal compliance and export and import safety management goal shall be established by continuously reviewing the current status of law compliance and safety management regarding export and import.

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Company Message

Digiventure has a clear vision to attain global heights rendering best of the services in domestic and international market. The Company wants to give a clear message of difference in trading practices needless to mention the emphasis would be on professionalism and optimum delivery.

The company would adopt all standard procedures and state-of-art technologies to keep itself in pace and a race of the competitive world. The Company would always be keen to learn and adopt new things and always keep itself open for further improvements.

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